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Comprehensive benefits of the global energy Internet


The construction of the global energy Internet will bring enormous economic, social and environmental benefits.
environmental benefit
The development and utilization of renewable energy alternative to fossil energy consumption, reduce the amount of pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, and to avoid the consumption of water resources in the process of exploitation and utilization of fossil energy and the destruction of the ecological system.
According to forecasts, relying on the global energy Internet, by 2050, clean energy can replace fossil fuels equivalent to 240 tons of standard coal annually, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 670 tons, sulfur dioxide 5.8 tons. By then, the global energy emissions of 115 tons of carbon dioxide, only 33% in 2013 and about 50% in 2009.

Economic performance
Ensuring the energy supply for economic and social development. Relying on the global energy Internet, we can develop and utilize wide and potentially large clean energy sources to ensure long-term and stable supply of energy.
Reduce the cost of energy supply. Relying on the global energy Internet to achieve large-scale development of clean energy and delivery efficiency, it can effectively reduce the cost of power supply.
Get significant networking benefits. Because of the time difference between continents, there is a difference between northern and southern hemisphere seasons, building global energy Internet, the continents of power grid interconnection, can effectively utilize the complementary power load characteristic curve of the continents, across the delta peak regulation and global allocation of consumptive renewable energy optimization, improve the utilization rate of power generation equipment on all continents reduce reserve capacity.
Stimulating global economic growth. In order to realize the low-carbon clean development of global energy in 2050, the global power generation capacity will reach 35 billion kilowatts by 2050, an increase of about 30 billion kilowatts over 2020. To ten years as a stage, the future of power installed rapid growth, and accordingly, the scale of power investment is also showing rapid growth.
Social results
Promote resource advantages in developing areas and transform them into economic advantages. Yet the large-scale development of clean energy are mostly in Africa, Asia, South America and other regions, by building global energy Internet will promote the region's resources advantages into economic advantages, provide employment opportunities for local residents to improve the welfare of people in developing countries, narrowing the gap between the developed countries and developing countries in the world, to achieve common sustainable development of human beings the.
Promote technological upgrading of energy related industries.  Building global energy Internet, will promote clean energy generation, UHV transmission, large-scale energy storage and smart distribution grid and micro grid technology to achieve a breakthrough and wide application, the traditional material industry will achieve technological innovation in nanotechnology, superconducting etc..
Promote the harmonious development and utilization of human resources. Through the development of the global energy Internet, inexhaustible and inexhaustible renewable energy resources can achieve peaceful utilization of resources, and the production relations of energy have been substantially improved.