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Four major points of pain in photovoltaic power plants! Have you been stabbed?


The development of solar photovoltaic power generation with energy strategy for the sustainable development of our country, the construction of photovoltaic power plants for the adjustment of energy structure, which has an important role in the social and economic development, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and in line with the current national industrial policy support.
Photovoltaic power generation project is the national key support of the industry, but this seemingly prosperous industry behind, whether distributed photovoltaic, or ground photovoltaic power plants are facing four pain points of the same: no money, no (no roof), not flagging, not connected! If you agree, please keep looking! Mr.Yang founder of photovoltaic information for you to describe these four major pain points, to see if you have stabbed your weakness!
First, no money
As the saying goes, a penny stumped hero, money is the basis of all the work, no matter what, for the PV capital intensive industry, so Jiqianwanjiyi investment funds is a but around the ridge.
For the degree of financial pain point came in first, how many people are feeling confident to say: I have hundreds of thousands of flat roof... I have thousands of acres of land... I have thousands of acres of barren hills... I have thousands of acres of water.
However, 99.9% of the people in the next sentence are "I lack money," there is no investment?
This is the first hurdle...
Two, no land (no roof)
As a carrier for the construction of photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic power plants must have enough land and other construction area, the roof of distributed power station should have enough available in the roof area, Chinese may not lack of land and roof, is the lack of suitable land and construction of photovoltaic roof, heread Mr.Yang roof is not under twenty million, see plots are nearly at, but really suitable for photovoltaic power plants is less and less.
Agricultural greenhouses, barren hills, forests, unused land, waste land, beaches, water ponds lakes...
Looking forward to wearing ah...
Three, did not pass
A photovoltaic power plant project as early as the approval system, then decentralization into the filing system, whether or not the approval system for the filing system, the project is to get Lutiao state subsidies. Only when the power stations are integrated into the country are the legitimate power stations.
Eyes look at the photovoltaic industry excellent situation, how many people have been blocked by various procedures outside the door?...
Four, can not be connected to the grid
After the previous few checkpoints, finally can generate electricity, but also a Power Grid Corp as a stumbling block, photovoltaic power products, is certainly not open around the Power Grid Corp!
For distributed photovoltaic power plants, although the national government departments and the Power Grid Corp headquarters have issued a large number of documents supporting photovoltaic grid connected, but at the grassroots level, photovoltaic power generation network or suffer enormous challenges.
For large-scale photovoltaic power plants on the ground, although through a variety of relations to get the grid, but the severe power rationing so that investors miserable!
Photovoltaic power generation may seem good to outsiders, but how many people can understand the bitterness behind the photovoltaic?
If you have mastered one of the four major pain points of photovoltaic power generation, then congratulations, you can make full use of your resources for the construction of photovoltaic power generation!