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The basic science | solar photovoltaic water pump


Solar photovoltaic water pump is also called photovoltaic water pump. Photovoltaic pumping system using photovoltaic array generated power to drive the water pump. The whole system consists of photovoltaic array, inverter, solar pumping water pump. It is a light electromechanical integration system which has been developed rapidly in recent years. It is the most attractive way of water supply in the sunny areas of the world, especially in the remote areas where there is no electricity or electricity.
I. system composition:
1, photovoltaic array: also known as solar cell components, mainly to the sun's light energy into electricity, to load the pump motor to provide work power.
2, solar pumping controller for inverter or solar water pump operation control and regulation, issued by the solar array power driven pumps, and according to the change of illumination intensity, timely adjust the output frequency, the maximum power output power of the near solar array.
3, pump: usually the lifting liquid, conveying a liquid or liquid to increase the pressure, that is the original motive of the mechanical energy into the liquid energy, so as to achieve the purpose of pumping the liquid referred to as the pump machine.
Two, the operation process:
A solar battery power, the maximum power point tracking and transform and control device for driving DC permanent magnet brushless and sensorless, rotor motor, double plastic or asynchronous motors or high speed switched reluctance motor drives, water pump, water from the depths of the earth to the ground for irrigation or drinking.
Three, classification:
1 、 DC brushless solar water pump (motor type):
Brushless DC motor is composed of Brushless DC motor and impeller. The shaft of the motor is connected with the impeller, and there is a gap between the stator and the rotor of the water pump. After a long time use, the water will permeate into the motor and increase the possibility of the motor burn out.
Advantages: brushless DC motor has been standardized, there are a large number of special manufacturers, the cost is relatively low, high efficiency.
2 、 brushless DC magnetic isolation solar water pump:
Without using electronic components reversing brushless DC pump, without the use of brush commutation, using the high performance ceramic shaft and ceramic sleeve, sleeve whole will avoid wear and magnets by injection. Therefore, brushless DC magnetic pump life greatly enhanced.
Complete isolation of the stator part and the rotor part of isolated magnetic pump, stator and circuit board using epoxy resin potting, 100% waterproof, some with permanent magnet rotor and pump body with environmentally friendly materials, low noise, small volume, stable performance. The required parameters can be adjusted by the winding of the stator and can be operated at wide voltage.
Advantages: long life, low noise, less than 35dB, can be used in hot water circulation. The stator and the circuit board of the motor are encapsulated by epoxy resin and completely separated from the rotor. It can be installed underwater and completely waterproof. The high strength ceramic shaft is adopted in the axis of the pump. The utility model has the advantages of high accuracy and good shock resistance.
3 、 three-phase AC pump driven by three-phase AC motor pump.
Unlike DC system, solar AC pump by solar array (power supply), solar pumping inverter (DC into AC motor frequency control, at the same time) and the three-phase AC motor pump.
Advantages: in the system, three-phase AC motor pump can be replaced with the market listed electric or diesel engine driven AC pump, the compatibility is very good. At the same time, AC pumps break through the DC pump power limit, power from 150 watts to 105 kilowatts can be applied, suitable for large areas of farmland, desert control and irrigation needs.
Four, advantages:
1, reliable: long life, photovoltaic power supply rarely used moving parts, reliable work;
2, safety, no noise, low power consumption, no other public nuisance. Does not produce any solid, liquid and gas harmful substances, absolutely environmental protection;
3, installation and maintenance simple, suitable for unattended, especially because of its high reliability and concern;
4, compatibility is good, photovoltaic power generation can be used in conjunction with other energy, can also be required to make the photovoltaic system is very easy to increase capacity;
5, high degree of standardization, can be connected by series of components in parallel, meet the needs of different power consumption, versatility;
6. Solar energy is available everywhere. It has a wide range of applications.
7, with good long-term economy, especially compared with the common diesel pumping, with overwhelming economic advantages.