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Photovoltaic power "main room exposing tile" green building "convenient"


As a yellow dwarf, the sun is in its middle age". For billions of years, it has been the central celestial body of the solar system. The energy of the sun is an important energy for the reproduction of life on the earth. How to use this "rich gift" is of great significance to the sustainable development of mankind. Currently, the world's second largest solar energy industry base is located in Taiwan region. In Tainan, the use of solar energy has become a bright spot in the local green development.
A green building with energy saving and carbon reduction functions
In Taiwan, solar energy is used not only for power generation, but also for industrial and agricultural production. Instead of brick and tile, the photovoltaic module is widely installed on the top of the house and around the balcony to make the common residential buildings a green building with energy saving and carbon reduction functions.
According to TVBS reports, Taipei high school in Linkou campus, from the periphery of the activity center, all the administrative building and teaching center roof, full are covered with solar panels. All the space available in the school has been used, and the total number is as high as 1740.
According to calculations, the annual installed capacity of photovoltaic equipment is about 470 thousand degrees, about 135 households a year of electricity consumption, converted into electricity prices, the amount of up to 325 NT dollars. In addition to providing environmental protection energy, the equipment manufacturers also provided the school with 10 NT dollars of social feedback.
School officials said that after the installation of photovoltaic components, not only the temperature in the classroom to reduce the feedback received, but also help schools to further improve the green energy conditions. As a result, feedback is more like an educational budget. It can also cool the temperature by at least 2 degrees in hot weather and bring about comprehensive benefits.
The first renewable energy system using water space in Taiwan
In addition to the popularity of solar energy equipment in schools, similar "electricity to make money" in Taiwan more and more widely, the sunshine time is particularly long Tainan has the development of the industry's natural advantages.
Unlike the more comprehensive Taipei region, Tainan is an important agricultural and sugar producing region of the whole Taiwan Province. It is mainly based on agriculture and fishery, with moderate, little rain and sufficient sunshine throughout the year.
In the waters near the Pingtung bridge, there is a large floating solar power system. It is the first use of a space in the waters of the renewable energy system, built by the development of Taiwan Xudong environmental technology company.
According to reports, the entire system has an area of 1100 square kilometers of photovoltaic panels, from the bottom of a circular column floating base support. When the water level rises in the river, the whole system automatically floats and collects sunlight on the river.
On a normal sunny day, the entire PV module produces 102 kilowatts of electricity for 38 homes a day. In the past, under the influence of the typhoon, 0.7 square kilometers of farms brought the fishermen a year's profit of about 80 NT dollars. If the river is leased to photovoltaic vendors and used to build solar energy systems, the fixed income of fishermen can reach NT $56. Ever look at the weather in the fishing village, will be the storage tank and farms into another field of solar energy development, but also brought new employment options.
Closer to the public, solar photovoltaic needs a lot of effort
In green buildings where solar panels are installed, temperatures can be maintained at around 22 degrees, especially for fungal growth. Therefore, there are Tainan farms using photovoltaic equipment to absorb heat characteristics, planting strains, similar to the high priced Brazil mushrooms and Niu Zhangzhi and other precious products also have output, the annual output value of several million.
In addition, light convection of hot and cold air in the building also reflected, for example the success of Tainan University by the light hot three elements design of ventilation system in the design of Chong vista, open air can make the air convection automatic hall, to achieve indoor rapid cooling effect.
Although the supporting facilities of the Taiwan photovoltaic industry chain have unique features in the production and utilization of solar energy, the concept of energy saving and carbon reduction has gained common ground, but the practice has not been popularized. According to Taiwan construction center statistics, so far, the whole Taiwan "green building mark" qualified construction rate is only slightly improved.
In this regard, Taiwan scholar Lin Zilun said that in Denmark and Germany, more than half of the development of renewable energy is community type, so the combination of solar energy and social production in rural areas is more promising. Since 2010, the photovoltaic panels in Taiwan have high production capacity, but how to close the distance with the public also requires a variety of efforts.
The current international green industry is in the initial stage of rapid development, the completion of the first industrial revolution, with the green industry, reduce the cost of technology, won the market advantage in the world is the fourth industrial revolution in key to realize new economic leap forward step.
In addition to its economic significance, the sun itself brings light and four seasons to the earth, as well as magnetic and thermal energy, and the development of photovoltaic technology clearly helps to promote a comprehensive combination of natural clean energy and human life. This is not only the imitation of the principle of growth in nature, but also a new way of protecting the earth and loving home.