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In the energy and manufacturing industry group realforce strategic cooperation agreement signed


       In Anhui by the Limited by Share Ltd and the Shandong Runfeng Energy Group Limited on the northern Anhui household distributed PV power plant project, industrial and commercial building projects, distributed photovoltaic poverty alleviation project total installed capacity of 2GW and 4 billion 800 million supporting industrial base strategic cooperation projects reach a consensus, the energy Chairman Mr. Hui Hongwei and realforce Group Chairman Mr. Wang Bufeng in Shandong in August 22nd Weishan County signed an agreement.

      Anhui energy Limited by Share Ltd is a collection of photovoltaic and wind energy new energy research and development, product design, production, supply and maintenance in one of the high-tech energy companies, is committed to providing the overall photovoltaic power plant covers the whole life cycle solutions for customers. The company has a team with a galaxy of talents, international vision, professionalism and strong execution team.

Shandong Runfeng Group Co. Ltd. as an international large-scale new energy enterprises, the development has gradually formed four major industrial sectors, photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic manufacturing lithium battery manufacturing and new energy vehicles. In the industrial investment and financial management, and solar cell components, lithium ion battery, lithium battery energy storage system has a wealth of industry experience and EV high-end automotive research and development etc..

    Photovoltaic power generation projects in North Anhui the strategic cooperation agreement signed with my company realforce group including the joint development of the PV project, in order to achieve the maximum benefit of the agricultural area poverty alleviation, but also to promote the traditional energy regional patterns of transition to the new energy; at the same time in the energy and realforce group will get both in the local construction of photovoltaic power plants the profits of the project with the two sides jointly invested a total of 4 billion 800 million funds for construction investment is expected to complete in the local manufacturing industry base, and actively introduce domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, to achieve the establishment of high-end intelligent matching photovoltaic industry base.

When the "six regions, four strategic plan supporting industrial base" will greatly promote local economic development, promote regional economic growth, alleviate employment pressure, bring considerable revenue for the local government.
The strategic cooperation agreement signed by the energy and marks the realforce Group officially became a strategic partner, the two sides focus on the new energy market and give full play to their strengths to forge ahead, to enter the market in, with firm business philosophy, industry of advanced technology, rich experience and perfect management system to create a magnificent blueprint. In the future, will be more brilliant!