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"13th Five-Year" energy planning upcoming North abandoned abandoned light wind rate control in less than 5%


In December 10th, the "high energy transition forum" held in Beijing in 2016. At the meeting, deputy director of the National Energy Bureau Li Yangzhe said that the second meeting of the National Energy Commission has approved the "13th Five-Year" energy development planning, is to fulfill the program. He said that coal is still the main energy now is not to say that can exit exit, according to the recent controversial 200 million kilowatts coal-fired power planning, he responded that the 190 million are "12th Five-Year" during the planning and layout has already started construction of the project, in fact "coal units 13th Five-Year" new construction of only 10 million kilowatts.
"13th Five-Year" energy plan will be released soon
"13th Five-Year" energy development planning, the second meeting of the National Energy Commission has passed. The program is now in operation and is expected to be with you soon.
At the same time, the national energy board organized the preparation of fourteen special planning of the energy sector is progressing smoothly.
Six special plans, such as power, hydropower, wind power, coal bed gas and biomass, have been issued and implemented.
Three special projects, such as renewable energy and natural gas, will soon be released.
Solar energy and other five special planning is stepping up efforts, is expected to be released before the end of the implementation.
Coal does not mean withdrawal can exit
Coal is not only the best resource in our country, but also the main energy. We believe that the essence of the energy structure is the main energy change, or that a fundamental change in the way of development and utilization of our country, whether in a long time to achieve the main energy change, we should advance research.
The coal industry is currently in our country the whole production scale of about 5000000000 tons, the number of employees reached 4 million people, such an industry, even to quit, it will lead to make institutional arrangements, not to say a word can make it exit exit. How long will it take for new energy alternatives to be economically and competitive?.
But at the same time, for the current main energy coal, or efforts to resolve excess production capacity, the full implementation of the comprehensive management of bulk coal. Strive to 2020, coal-fired power unit average coal consumption below 310 grams.
200 million kilowatts of coal in 13th Five-Year started a new talk more? In fact only 10 million kilowatts
Li Yangzhe recently mentioned all of the coal-fired generating units of power "13th Five-Year" mentioned in the planning arrangement of 200 million kilowatts there is a lot of talk.
The Energy Bureau has been carefully combed, in fact the power arrangement in 13th Five-Year "in the planning of 200 million kilowatts of coal, 190 million belong to the" 12th Five-Year "period has been planning and construction projects. That is to say, "coal units 13th Five-Year" new construction of only 10 million kilowatts.
In the three north areas, the rate of abandoning wind and abandoning the light was controlled within 5%
Efforts to the three north area abandoned the wind, abandoning the rate of light control in less than 5%, the rest of the region basically do not abandon the wind, do not abandon the light. Taking into account the new energy consumptive problem in the layout of the north area, next to the East, the central emphasis on the development of.
Hydropower construction and ecological protection and resettlement to consider, 13th Five-Year period for a conventional hydropower 60 million kilowatts, in addition, pumped storage also arranged 60 million kilowatts, mainly to make up the short board.
The price of natural gas terminal sales is too high, affecting the development of consumer market
Li Yangzhe said that in order to ensure the safety of energy under the premise of arrangements for the development and application of natural gas.
At present, the proportion of natural gas in OECD countries has reached 30%, compared with less than 6% in china.
Next, in view of the fact that natural gas can not be transported normally, the special period and individual areas can not guarantee the reality, we should focus on three aspects of work:
First, we should actively promote the reform of natural gas prices.
The current price of natural gas terminal sales over the impact of the expansion of the consumer market, such as the west east natural gas, transport from Xinjiang port to each province gate through thousands of kilometers, the increase is in about 8 hair. And from the provincial gate to the user is often only tens, hundreds of kilometers, and some places even more than a fare increase, to solve this problem, the key is to adjust the price mechanism.
The second is to expand the natural gas consumer market. The main direction is to replace coal in areas such as residential life, industrial production, transportation and so on. At the same time, cycliepowerpower vigorously develop natural gas and natural gas distributed energy, some developed countries, the proportion of renewable energy is significantly higher than that of China, but the power system can be stable operation, an important reason lies in the natural gas power plant plays a key role in peak shaving.
Three is to protect the industrial safety of natural gas. There is great potential for China's untapped natural gas resources, unconventional natural gas, such as shale gas and coalbed gas recoverable reserves and 20 trillion cubic meters. If the domestic exploration and development of more time, it can effectively alleviate the pressure of imports,
The next step is to adhere to the direction of market-oriented reform and mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties for exploration and development of oil and gas resources.
Nuclear power has been settled in 13th Five-Year
Nuclear power construction must be based on the premise of ensuring safety and adopting the latest and highest nuclear safety standards.
According to the "13th Five-Year" during the national long-term nuclear power development plan, but also a number of nuclear power projects in coastal areas layout.
Reverse distribution of energy resources in China, the formation of the west to East, West gas transportation, coal transportation from north to South pattern, but with the construction of coastal nuclear power zone, stretching from Shandong to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, to Guangdong, nuclear power construction basically 13th Five-Year arrangement should set in in the coastal area.
There are different opinions and voices about the development of nuclear power. In 13th Five-Year, now has been settled, 14th Five-Year, 15th Five-Year, and in the future, how to arrange our total energy, I think this is the problems that need further study.
The direct power supply of large users simply reduces the price of electricity?
Giving full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, and improving the efficiency of the allocation of resources, it is the goal and direction that energy reform must adhere to. However, whether we are promoting the market of resource allocation or building various markets, we should prevent price cuts. Large users are currently engaged in direct supply of electric power market, all aspects of the talk more, some people think the market construction direction worthy of reflection, because now the market is a price drop, this should not be the direction of the market. But it can not because of building the market, increasing transaction costs.