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Hefei: PV grid connected capacity of over 1000 MW


Large scale ground power station and family photovoltaic power station...... Hefei towards "China PV application first city" solid forward. Reporters learned from the Hefei power supply company, as of July 24th, the total capacity of photovoltaic power generation in Hefei grid exceeded 1000 MW mark, reaching 1050.31 MW, ranking first in the provincial capital city. In recent years, under the favorable policy of the national and local governments, the application of PV in Hefei has shown a momentum of accelerated development. In April 2015, Hefei's first large-scale smooth grid PV power plant, has reached 32, the total installed capacity of 790 MW, only the first half of 2016 net 16; other types of distributed PV projects totaled 3722, net capacity of 260.31 mw. Up to now, Hefei total photovoltaic power generation capacity of 1050.31 MW, nearly 1280 megawatts of installed capacity in Hubei province. It is estimated that the total capacity of PV grid connected in Hefei will exceed 1500 MW in the coming year.
According to the Hefei daily average of photovoltaic power generation takes about 5.7 hours to calculate the annual generation capacity is expected to reach 1 billion degrees in the region has a 1050.31 MW photovoltaic grid, compared with the traditional thermal power plant, can save approximately 122 thousand and 900 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions 997 thousand tons. In addition, there is the nearest consumptive distributed photovoltaic significant advantages in the summer peak period, can effectively reduce the adverse effects brought by long distance transmission, reduce the power supply pressure distribution in local area, provide a powerful supplement for the Hefei power grid peak summer.
Spontaneous, power over the Internet, Hefei photovoltaic power plant in self consumption at the same time, take the grid in the form of power over the digestion. Reporters learned that the Hefei electric power company under the jurisdiction within the scope of all photovoltaic power grid electricity, take full acquisition to completely absorb the principle, this year 1 ~ June acquisition of photovoltaic grid electricity 96 million 330 thousand kwh, PV to pay 35 million 574 thousand and 800 yuan purchase of electricity, pay 31 million 557 thousand and 500 yuan of state subsidies.