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PV industry quality transformation: series of new deal intends to introduce industry standards, intends to modify and upgrade


In 2015, China's solar photovoltaic power generation new grid installed capacity reached 15.13GW (1GW=10 billion watts), accounting for the global new installed capacity of 30%, the cumulative net capacity reached 43.18GW, an increase of 67.3%, for the first time surpassed Germany to become the world's largest PV installed. In 2016, China new PV installed capacity of 34.54GW, the cumulative installed capacity of 77.42GW, increase and total installed capacity of two items of data are ranked first in the world, the newly installed capacity is the 4 consecutive year, the first in the world.
As the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturers and photovoltaic power generation countries, China's photovoltaic industry this year will be how to develop? Recently held in Beijing in 2016 2017, the photovoltaic industry development review and Prospect on the seminar, the development of the industry in 2016 the photovoltaic industry policy, market, technology, trade and other aspects of the inventory, and the trend in 2017 made a pre judgment.
At the seminar, said many sectors of the national energy board, the Ministry of industry, 2017 will be the introduction of technology innovation, industry system of the new deal, revision of industry standard conditions, photovoltaic industry norms "leader" indicators of photovoltaic manufacturing base, of which the most important is the full implementation of competitive project allocation, priority support distributed. Installed capacity is expected to add 20 ~ 30GW. Industry analysts predict that in 2017, to promote the series of the new deal, the photovoltaic industry will usher in a wave of rapid growth, dividend policy is expected to promote the industry to reduce the cost and upgrade "PV +" will continue to be a hot word in 2017.
Photovoltaic industry continues to "bright" before
Chinese photovoltaic industry association data show that in 2016, China's polysilicon production of about 194 thousand tons, an increase of 17.6%, the annual solar grade polysilicon imports about 136 thousand tons (silicon ingot); some enterprises cost has dropped to 70 yuan /kg; new 5000 tons of electronic grade polysilicon factory, high quality products have been applied in semiconductor field. Silicon chip, production in 2016 exceeded 63GW, an increase of more than 11%, each processing costs dropped to less than 1.4 yuan.
"Double conversion" of layout and structure of photovoltaic market. Market structure gradually shifted from northwest to Middle East and so on. In 2016, new 9.74GW installed in Northwest China accounted for 28% of the whole country, and 9 new equipment installed in the Middle East and East China broke 1GW. Market structure from the ground power station to distributed tilt: distributed PV installed capacity increased by 200% compared to 2015, after August 2016, the proportion of distributed monthly grid accounts are about 50%." Wang Bohua, Secretary General of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, said that 2016 was the best year for PV companies in recent years.
Wang Bohua said that China's photovoltaic industry continues to break the technology, Chinese enterprises have repeatedly broken the world record. For example, refresh a large area of BC battery world records, photoelectric conversion rate of 23.5%; 60 pieces of monocrystalline silicon power up to 343.95GW, a single chip power world record, and so on. Our whole photovoltaic industry technological progress significantly, polysilicon, the new 5 kiloton electronic grade polysilicon plant, high quality products have been applied in the field of semiconductor wafer, small batch; application of polycrystalline diamond wire began to accelerate, single feed volume, speed is also improved; the battery chip, to realize large-scale production, PERC the black silicon technology, single poly efficiency reached 20.5% and 19%; components, half piece, MBB, imbricate technologies continue to emerge, the industrialization process of the advanced scientific research is also significantly accelerated. In addition, the influence of "The Belt and Road" strategic guidance and protection of international trade situation, China's photovoltaic business overseas layout to accelerate the pace of "going out" accelerating the expansion of production capacity is still strong, rationalizing the production layout.
New standards to upgrade the quality of the industry
In the development of a good situation, the photovoltaic industry during this year and 13th Five-Year will be the road to where? At the seminar, China's photovoltaic industry development roadmap (2016 Edition) gives an answer. And had stressed that the expansion of the capacity, the future development path of 5 years will focus on quality and efficiency of photovoltaic power, in photovoltaic power generation costs decline at the same time, expand diversified applications, give full play to the role of state subsidies. Under this train of thought, the rapid decline in the cost of photovoltaic applications market system, accelerated the pace of the PV industry parity Internet, but also make the overall bid to become the 2017 photovoltaic industry keywords.
China Photovoltaic Industry Association predicted that in 2017 the global photovoltaic market will still maintain the growth momentum, the market will start showing the first Chinese tight situation, the first three quarters of the fourth quarter of tight, loose, in the general project (12.6GW), leading technology base (5.5GW), photovoltaic (4.81GW), supplementary index for Poverty Alleviation (more than 10GW) the driving factors, distributed PV installed capacity, the new 30GW is about 20 ~. The water conservancy and hydropower planning and Design Institute researcher Qin Xiaoze expects the first half of 2017 new scale will exceed 10GW.
At the beginning of 2015, the Ministry issued the "photovoltaic manufacturing industry standard conditions (2015)", but after nearly two years of rapid development of the industry, some indexes of 2015 versions, including the conversion efficiency, the scale of production capacity, have the deviation and the development of the industry practice, the need for timely amendment. Ministry of electronic information division director Wang Weiwei revealed that this year will be revised photovoltaic manufacturing industry standard conditions.
Wang Weiwei said that the current photovoltaic manufacturing industry in structural adjustment, there are still some problems. Silicon materials, silicon wafers and battery chips into the standard conditions of enterprises, production capacity accounted for the proportion of the industry is relatively high, reaching more than 80%, but component accounts for relatively low, only 60%. "This assembly end investment threshold, the threshold is relatively low, resulting in a lot of capital, industry concentration is not high, a serious of vicious competition, resulting in lower profits, investment in research and development of rolling industry itself has some problems." Wang Weiwei said, the component side of the index is indeed a certain gap from the industry development requirements, need further adjustments."
If the "photovoltaic manufacturing industry standard conditions" is the benchmark indicators, then photovoltaic "leader" base is a leading indicator. Photovoltaic "leader" is the Energy Bureau from 2015 to implement the "photovoltaic support" special plan, through supporting the construction of advanced technology demonstration base, and promote the application of advanced photovoltaic technology products and industrial upgrading.
Deputy director of the new energy division of the national energy board, said Xing Yiteng, will work with the Ministry of industry, the "leader of the photovoltaic" base indicators to adjust. "Leaders" indicators have been in use for two years. From the point of view of promoting technological progress, the current index is on the low side and needs to be adjusted. Recently, we should also seek advice." Xing Yiteng revealed.
Participants agreed that, under the guidance of the new standards, China's photovoltaic industry will take quality, efficiency and upgrading of the new development model, both to ensure that the "quantity" growth, but also pay attention to "quality" of ascension.